Autism Sensory Boxes

Zonta Sensory Boxes

Zonta has donated 5 SENSORY BOXES 📦📦📦📦📦
The project started when a long time supporter of ASK (Autism Society of the Keys), KWPD Chief Bradenburg approached ASK and asked for help making a box that officers could have in their police cars that would contain specific items to help when they recover a lost or upset involved in a call with a disability, specifically autism.
Together ASK and KWPD created a small black toolbox that contains several items, including a pair of headphones (noise), a dry erase board (for non-verbal persons), a timer (transition), a weighted puppy (sensory), and many other items. Each of the items in the box was hand-picked to help with children with disabilities but could help with any child.
Originally we were making just a few boxes however after tons of outpour from the community ASK has since partnered with MCSO, the local Fire Departments, and Home Depot to have these available county-wide.
The boxes will be in the supervisor’s cars, ambulances, as well as SRO (School Resource Officer vehicles).
ASK has now made and distributed nearly 100 boxes throughout the Keys, these boxes have already been used several times throughout the Keys to help in difficult situations.
Each box is a donation of $150.00.
Please contact Jill at 305-942-5172 if you or your business would consider sponsoring a box. You can also mail your donation to the address below.
156 Pueblo Street
Tavernier, FL 33070